Our Complete Parking Services

Services provided by COMPARK, but not limited to, are:

Parking Management

Our past experience with jobs such as the set up of a new parking garage in downtown London Ontario London, Ontario, has been noted as one of our great successes. We considered the past experience we gained in the implementation and automation of their new equipement system to be one of our biggest assets. We can also aid in the transfer of accounts from your current operator.


Few people know of COMPARK’s experience in this field. We have specific knowledge of many different types of equipment and the management they require. The equipment that currently exists in several downtown London Parking facilities such as the Covent Garden Market, civic Parking and Galleria was implemented and installed with Compark's experienced techs and equipment operations.

We also currently offer in-house maintenance service that offers cost savings for the Landlord. Our Maintenance staff can be deployed 7 / 24 without exception.


COMPARK’s accounting / administration provides detailed and timely income and expense statements. Additionally they can also provide other reports which will help in analyzing important aspects of the facility management such as “customer mix”, and “validation programs.”

Attendant Control

We understand and have current experience operating parking lots in the area. We are positioned to provide Uniformed Staff / Attendants that are currently positioned at 205 York Street (Via Rail Canada).>

Our manpower of trained and uniformed attendants are available for deployment at the parking facility. Patrollers maintain a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week coverage of all properties we operate.

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