Company History & Background

The Story of COMPARK Complete Parking Services Inc.

With over 37 years experience in the industry, we have been very fortunate to meet inspiring individuals, build relationships and demonstrate capabilities. With this experience, COMPARK is poised to be competitive and has grown into a reliable successful Company.

Few, if any, Parking Companies have focused so intently on a full range of management and services to customers. One of the most important practices regarding Parking Services is “Industry-Specific Knowledge”. Our specialized knowledge, experience and other Management practices, are the driving forces behind Complete Parking Services Inc.

Our Objectives

We understand there are many objectives that must be achieved when managing parking operations. Through experience and operating similar parking operations, we are absolutely aware the act of parking is often the first and last impression a patron is left with.

Through maintaining a constant focus with parking systems and customer service, we are confident we can provide the best parking service for the operation of your property.

A constant focus for Compark is to meet and exceed all expectations. We have worked hard at promoting and managing various parking facilities, and firmly believe that our operating plan will achieve all the desired objectives.

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